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I love to create photography and photo art for:

- privat individuels

- Hotels, Resorts & Golf Parks

- Banks, Insurances & IT firms

- Retirement Homes and Hospitals

- Real Estate companies and Public Institutions

- Corporate Offices

I am qualified in doing customized photography and photo art. Whether you are a private art investor or a corporate customer looking for made-to-order photography, I consult and accompany you in the process from the initial idea until the installation of the works.  Here is how it works:

1. Selection of the theme, creating a story

2. Decide on the color scheme

3. Chosing the appropriate printing medium

The Story:

Some people buy a picture simply because they "like" it. I, however, encourage to sell my photos and art with a story that goes far beyond its canvas or acrylic glas. Together with the buyer, I design an emotional story for all photography and art we are going to produce. A story that connects the oeuvre with its surrounding and its viewers.

The Colors:

Any decorative photography or piece of art can only shine at its location if it is in harmony with the color scheme of its surroundings. Therefore, it is important that you decide on the location of the new piece before you buy or order it. I use a multitude of color palettes that matches both, your personal taste and its location. Most importantly, every color has a distinct meaning and great emotional and psychological influence on its viewer. The right combination, tones and shades of colors are an integral part of the story a picture is telling. 

Below some color palette examples that have been selected to create some distinctive photography and artwork:


The Print Medium

HIGH QUALITY FINE ART PRINTS on limited and open editions printed on:

Hahnemühle artistic fine art paper


Facemounting behind Acrylic glass

Artist quality canvas

All on my webpage featured works are available for printing. For customized photography or photo art as well as specific sizes or choices of print medium, please contact me directly. Some selected pieces of limited or open editions you may also find on Artsy or SaatchiArt.

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