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I have an “eventful” life in the truest sense of the word. Since 1994, I moved from country to country, from one culture to the next, together with my husband and daughter. I lived through many experiences and adventures that have all served me as an abundant inspiration.  

“Life is a play and the world is our stage” is one of my favorite slogans, although I am intrinsically well-grounded, and therefore often felt as an uprooted cosmopolitan away from home. I lived the life of a modern nomad in ten countries across three continents. I made a diploma for photography at the New York Institute of Photography and later a degree of applied and art photography at the Prager Fotoschule in Austria. My photographic style has been influenced by the different stages of my travels, from the millennia old traditions of Egypt and China in contrast to the modern architecture of the United Arab Emirates. Equally, the cultural experiences in Cameroon and the Philippines enriched my photography just like those wonders of nature in Mongolia and the Pacific Island of Guam. In 2018, we returned to Switzerland, our home country, but I continue to benefit from my colorful past in all of my creative ventures. 

Over the years, I specialized in architecture and landscape photography. I also started to enjoy telling people stories with a conscious undertone of social criticism through photo reportages on the ground. Today, I moved to a next level with art photography that intends to delight through a combination of structures and colors. I am creating my own style of digital collages in a multi-dimensional overlay of my collections. Most of my artistic oeuvre has been inspired by a fusion of places and events that captivates and takes the viewers on an adventurous journey to anywhere and nowhere.



2021   Leica Gallery Zurich, CH

2021  Bank Thalwil, Adliswil, CH

2021  Gallery KunstZürichSüd, Adliswil, CH

2020  Gallery KunstZürichSüd, Adliswil, CH

2020  Gallery KunstZürichSüd, Adliswil, CH

2020  Swissartexpo, Zurich, CH

2020  Photobastei Zurich, CH

2019  Fortress Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, A

2016  Fortress Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, A

2015  photoSCHWEIZ, Zurich, CH

2014  vfg Zurich, CH

2014  Schloss Weinberg, Kefermarkt, A




2020  SPC, Photobastei Zurich, CH

2008  Swiss Photo Award, Zurich, CH

2007  Reportage, GPP, Dubai, UAE; 1. prize

2005  Architecture photography, GPP, Dubai, UAE; 1. prize

2005  Marketing & Stock photography, GPP, Dubai, UAE; 1. prize





2022  SCHWARZWEISS 148, The magazine for photography

2022  Leica COURRIER 106

2022  Leica COURRIER 105

2021  Der Leica Camera Blog

2021  News Bank Thalwil

2020, SwissArtExpo Zürich

2015  St. Galler News (CH), Dark side of Mongolia

2006  Profil Magazine (UAE)





2020  Art Catalog

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