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Everything we do...

...we do with passion and gratitude and out of the ordinary. 

FRAME ADVENTURE stands for unique journeys beyond any borders, for once-in-a-lifetime travel to discover the secrets of this beautiful planet. It also stands for expeditions of like-minded overlanders to dazzling deserts or locations you can only dream of, to meet people whose stories are so incredibly different than ours, so full of wisdom and "joie de vivre" that we love to tell them to our grandchildren. 

Most importantly, FRAME ADVENTURE wants to give back to the communities that need it most. FRAME PHOTO & FILM captures all these amazing moments and documents those fantastic discoveries in order to share with those that are interested to see and hear them. Ultimately, the purpose of FRAME is to support the people in need. With FRAME CHARITY we created a platform for all our friends and supporters, for the ones who are more privileged than 98% of those men and women and in particular those children around the world who are living on less than a few dollars a day. 
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